Perhaps the most annoying stain


Perhaps the most annoying stain parents have to deal with on a regular basis is chewing gum on carpets. While it usually takes the uninitiated hours to remove, with a few tools, it’s easy. Put some ice in a plastic bag and put it on the gum for a few minutes to freeze it. Once it’s hardened, it can be scraped off with a knife. After that, a sugar residue is left which attracts grime so this must be cleaned off with a carpet cleaner.

Red wine stains are another bane. White wine sometimes removes red wine. Alternatively, vinegar may work, but it will require a lot of scrubbing. Hydrogen peroxide is another option.

There are also many old fashioned and natural carpet cleaning west seneca ny products on the internet. These are great for families who own pets or young children as they create a non toxic environment. A cup of vinegar, for example, when added to a dish washer load, ensures spot free dishes.

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