The Importance of Cleaning your carpets in Maine



Cleaning your carpeting is one of those important routines that you should never miss. Your carpeting is a very costly investment and extending the life of the carpet can save you a ton of money in the long run. Bone Dry Carpet is one of the top Windham Maine carpet cleaning companies for a reason, we care for our customers and provide only exceptional service. Our professionally certified staff will explain in detail how each carpet is manufactured in a different way, and therefore the cleaning process can differ significantly. It really is important that you keep your carpeting clean at all times, so we will discuss some of the benefits you receive from having your carpet cleaned by professionals.


One of the biggest benefits of having a professional carpet cleaning Portland Me service like Bone Dry Carpet service your home is this process will get rid of bugs, beetles and mites. Your carpeting is basically just a giant filter. It traps dust, allergens and dirt within the fibers. These all attract bugs and insects. Add to the mix that your carpeting is a warm and safe hiding environment, you have a safe haven for bugs to live and breed. The bugs will initially begin eating away at the carpet fibers, and then eventually die leaving dead insects to rot and then smell up your home. Our professional trained staff will use only organic compounds that applied to your carpet will loosen the soil and debris and then in conjuction with our certified HOSTâ„¢ sponges will remove all the dirt leaving your carpet spotless and virtually dry to the touch.


Another benefit of using Windham Maines top carpet cleaning professionals, is the cleaning process actually maintains the form of your carpeting. The dirt and soil particles act like sandpaper and over time the edges of these particles contribute to the wear and tear of the tiny fibers. As the form of your carpeting begins to distort, the overall look of the carpeting suffers. If you call in the team at Bone Dry Carpet regularly to service your carpeting, it will look like new again. Our organic compounds deep clean but do not do any damage whatsoever to the integrity of your carpeting. We believe in helping the environment with only green products on all our trucks.


Finally, one of the biggest benefits to using our carpet cleaning service is it prevents mold formation. Fungus loves to breed in your carpeting, especially if you have ever used one of those other cleaning services that flood the carpeting with hot water, and then vacuum up only a percentage of the water. This water causes the growth of mold, and that can cause health issues for you and your family down the road. Children with allergies or sensitive skin are most vulnerable to the mod spores. Our organic cleaning process will discourage the formation of the mold and keep your carpet clean and home safe for your family.


If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning service in the Windham Maine area, be sure to call Bone Dry Carpet. Whether you need carpet cleaning, upholstery or tile and grout work, call us for a free estimate. We offer cleaning seven days a week and look forward to restore your carpeting to a new like appearance.


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