Area Rug Cleaning and Repair NYC


Cleaning area rugs is as much a talent as it is a learned skill. Because rugs come in so many different types of material, designs, construction, sizes and dye structure, cleaning them can often times lead to an issues for an in-experienced cleaner. A professional rug cleaner will treat each area rug individually because as the old saying goes “No two rugs are the same”

The most common material used in constructing hand woven rugs is wool. A woven wool rug can last you generations if maintained properly. Wool is a very durable fiber and also cleans up well. The main issue with wool rugs is that they trap a lot of dust and soil. If you looked at a wool fiber under a microscope you would see a fish-scale type texture. This texture creates tiny microscopic pockets which trap and hold dust, allergens and bacteria. A thorough vacuuming is not enough to remove this deeply embedded soil. Professional Rug Cleaning is recommended to flush everything out from front and back. Think about this, an 8×10 wool rug can actually hide about 10 pounds of dust before it even begins to look dirty!

That is why the first step of our rug cleaning process is a thorough “dusting” of the area rug. Our Rug Cleaning NYC professionals will often times shock you with the amount of dry soil removed during the dusting process. After the rugs have been completely dusted it is time to soak them in our wash pit. The wash pit is basically a large pool made for the area rug where it will sit (sometimes overnight). The pool is filled with our organic cleaning agents and dye stabilizers to ensure no colors will run during the cleaning process. After we feel the rug has been soaked long enough, we will then rinse it out and wash by hand before we hang it up to dry.

This cleaning process will remove all odors, allergens and bacteria from the rug, leaving your precious area rug in the cleanest and healthiest state it can be.

Our cleaning process is extremely thorough, however, sometimes heavy stains may require additional specialized treatment in order to remove completely. Certain stains like red wine, urine, tar, paint or juice may still be visible after a wash. What we will do in the event that some stains do not come out completely is, take pictures of the area rug after being washed and show them to our customer. We can let you see what the rug looks like in its current state and provide you with options on treating the stain for complete removal if you are interested.

Once the rug has passed our final inspection phase we will wrap it up and deliver it back to you and install it back in its place.