Upholstery Cleaning

Among the housework is certainly the most tiring, upholstery cleaning, a task that takes a long time and do not always do the best you can, fortunately, however, there are several tricks that make this job a little ‘ lighter. As in many cases, even for upholstery cleaning you can use products that are on the market, or natural methods, let’s see both.

How to clean upholstery
To clean the upholstery on the market there are several specific products based on active oxygen, and work very simple: just sprinkle or pour about to be treated, let them work for a few minutes and then clean with a soft, dry cloth. These products are for all types of upholstery and are designed not to ruin even the most delicate fabrics, but if you’re not convinced to use chemical products or upholstery still in question are made of paper, we have to rely on natural methods.

How to clean upholstery with natural methods
To clean the upholstery fabric, such as sofas or curtains cover you can use a mixture of water, baking soda and salt, rub gently to just a few minutes and the stain will go away, then dried with a hair dryer set to a medium temperature.

As for the tents, which are generally made with very delicate materials, if the stains and dirt are caused by mold and fumes of the kitchen, just put them to soak in a bowl with cold water and white vinegar in the proportion two cups of vinegar to two gallons of water, let them soak for a while ‘and then transfer them into a bowl with water and mild softening, and finally rinsed: In addition to clean your blinds are also fragrant.

The upholstery of paper
There are many types of upholstery, paper ones are the most common and among them there are different types, let us see what are the best ways to clean them.

The wallpaper is not washable
The wallpaper is not washable should not be washed with water, otherwise they lose the color, the only solution in case of dirt has to go through the gommapane, if more than dirt, then the problem is the grease past the iron on warm a sheet of wrapping paper and repeat the operation until the complete disappearance of the stain, then apply a spray solvent