Types of material carpet is made from

The rugs are indispensable elements in the decor of our home. Help connect the elements of an environment, such as table and chairs in the dining room or the couch, coffee table, protect soil from footsteps, bumps and scratches, walk barefoot makes it much more enjoyable and the warmth they bring home is indisputable.
The variety of manufacturing materials is constantly increasing, and therefore the choice depending on your taste and style also increase. Here are the most common materials for manufacturing.


It is the first material in the manufacture of carpets, and based on his comparisons are made of quality. It is a material that accepts dye any color, allowing you to place in rooms of any style. Is a durable and easy to clean.

It’s material like wool, but usually cheaper. It is primarily used in trade as it provides resistance to dirt, moths and mildew. It is easy to clean, comes in many colors and exposed to sunlight fade less than other tissues.

Fresh material is heat resistant, washable, resistant to moths and does not accumulate static electricity. It is used primarily for natural environments, children …

It is tanned animal skin, making it soft and flexible, allowing the manufacture of carpets and other decorative items such as cushions. We may retain their natural color, which will provide a wild style, natural or dyed the desired color, blend into our home decorating style.

Bamboo is a hard material that does not break or contracts. It comes in different colors and finishes and fits perfectly in exotic settings and colonial style.

It’s a hard and durable natural fiber, and all of them is one of the best support continued use, for this reason are commonly used in traffic areas. It has the disadvantage that it is resistant to moisture, and tact in step is not particularly pleasant.

Jute is a natural fiber of origin India. It is characterized by its softness, precisely because it is recommended for areas in which it travels barefoot.
Some recommendations

• If you have a carpet a room with large drawings or intense colors, are undoubtedly become the main element appealing. If the focus Decorative stay resident of another element, it is advisable to opt for plain carpets and muted colors.
• Carpets are additional to any soil that has a home, whether wood, carpet, tile …
• Carpets are particularly important in some rooms, hallway or foyer is a space where furniture usually have no place. The rugs will become the primary aesthetic element.
• In children’s rooms or recreational areas should pay special attention to the feel of the carpet, since many activities are carried out on the floor, barefoot tread so our carpet and we will play constantly.
• They are ideal for defining the element stays. Within the same room may have different environments. The carpets help to differentiate each of them perfectly.
• Although often opted for carpet square or rectangular, the round or oval can add a new and avant-garde touch to our decor.
• When placing a rug under a table, either center or dining room, we must be careful to check that all legs of the table are in the carpet, otherwise the issue will be disorder and the table will be unbalanced.

• The rugs have the quality to isolate the cold, why are particularly welcome in homes located in areas where winters are notorious.
• Have the ability to absorb sound, so they should be used in rooms where the activities to require silence. Carpeted walls are common in studies of music or radio.

• Although wool rugs allow all types of cleaning, be careful with the bleach and bleach may damage the wool more easily. It is preferable to opt for neutral detergents.
• Carpets are considered washable cotton, but if the drying is slow, the carpet can shrink.
• The sisal or jute carpets have similar characteristics to those of cotton. You can clean all existing methods, but we recommend aspiration, or aspiration wet. In the latter case should proceed rapidly to drying, as moisture can damage the fibers.

Decorating trends

Now it’s time we tell you the 5 most important trends in home decorating for 2012:

Multifunctional furniture – In 2012, they will become very popular this type of furniture. These pieces are more classic and multifunctional bed with drawers, but also more contemporary designs such as entertainment centers that include a fireplace. Sofa beds are new models for those seeking verastilidad.

Gray – Interior design moves from beige, black and brown to gray, which can range from coal smoke. That is why the color is so attractive for its wide range of tones in paintings and fabrics.

Sparks of color – gray predominate Since the small details of sophisticated colors create balance. Colors like tangerine, plum, and purples are increasing in popularity. You see them on cushions, curtains and carpets, especially.

Textiles with Paton – Another good way to add intrigue and contrast to a room is through the use of patterned fabrics. Brightly colored carpets, patterned fabrics on chairs and curtains.

Products respect the environment – The theme of ‘green’ has become popular and cool for the decoration of houses in recent years, and the designers will incorporate even more this year. Recycled furniture, wood obtained legally and multiply reused objects in the home.

And a bit of individuality – The neutral gray, the foci of intense color and sophisticated, bold patterns and reused furniture, we have to increase your own individuality. Homemade things, projects ‘do it yourself’ and familiar objects with important places in history will find the designs of the houses in 2012.

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Leather cleaning

Cleaning Tips for Leather Furniture
New or repaired, or buy expensive a garage sale, furniture deserves total love. This is a must to preserve their beauty, brightness and functionality.
Wood Furniture

To clean wood furniture, you need to know the type of finish used on it.
To polish regularly, use a lint-free cloth. Put a small amount of wax on the cloth and wipe the surface to polish furniture.
Be careful when choosing nails. You must use the same type of polish to prevent marks caused by a different type. Therefore, if you have used oil then always stick to it, using the wax sticks to it, too. Follow the grain of the wood when you clean the assembly.
If wax has accumulated, making use of artificial turpentine or mineral elements, with the soft, lint-free cloth and wipe the entire assembly.
Leather Furniture

Leather can be too dry, which can lead to breakage. If you have leather furniture, I would advise them to place 2 feet away from any heat source. Do not expose the leather in direct sunlight.
Observe daily with a cloth and use a damp cloth or sponge to clean it.
If you have stained, mix a quarter cup of white vinegar with half a cup of water. Dip soft cloth in the mixture and squeeze, make sure no leaks, and clean the soiled area. Then wash with soap leather saddle, and finally, wipe with a soft dry cloth.
Upholstered Furniture

As leather, upholstered furniture, should not be exposed to direct sunlight to prevent fading fabric.
Vacuum the surface on a weekly basis. Turn the cushions and pillows regularly to ensure that both sides are used and to make it even.
Use a soft damp cloth to remove stains and spots and do not let anyone sit on it. Be careful that the fabric is not too wet.
Do not allow spills to dry. Clean up promptly.
Wicker furniture

Keep away from sunlight and other heat sources because they tend to dry out.
Give them a regular cleaning.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the cracks in the finish,
The flexibility and moisture from the natural fiber can be restored to him in a tub filled with warm water. You can also use a hose to spray water. This will help retain the rupture of the fibers and likewise extends the life of your installation.
Given proper care, your furniture is sure to keep it looking as well as maintaining longer. It is the length of time spent on cleaning, but the manner of how we clean. You must be constant and must practice caution in their maintenance. Remember that the furniture is made of different materials and each requires different cleaning solutions and cleaning methods.
If you observe proper cleaning techniques that will save them from deterioration early and save your money, so

When tile meets the carpet

The difference in height of tile and carpet on the Threshold ”
Carpetand tiles often have a height difference. At a basic level, most of the carpet will be higher than the ceramic look, but when you step on it, the carpet really feel lower than the top of the tile. This leaves a sharp edge and breaks into the tile. The threshold at which the carpet and tile together can be a source of damage if not shot or worked to the level of the two surfaces the best way possible. To join the two surfaces in a nice way to have some options.
Carpet Shims are developed to gradually add height to the carpet below. Leaning down will disappear from the threshold in all directions. This prevents you from shooting or breaking the edges of the slab. The solid surface can be adjusted to start as far back as you like, and finally in the exact edge of the threshold. The wedges can be used both for the doors and seals completely, if you have a simple door-less transition between rooms.

Stripping Transition
Some people prefer to add a small band of transition at the edge of the tile. This refers both to the edge of the tile and the edge of the carpet. The test favors the side that is higher and offers only a little as the transition strip. Strips to protect both the edge of the tile and keep the carpet from fraying. The strips are not as solid as some of the other options. Once the bands have been in place for an extended period of time, there may be some movement. You can choose between strips of wood, metal strips and even those that mimic the look of tile.

Double transition
As a wedge, this transition is added next to carpet height, but instead of finishing at the exact point of the piece, which overlaps a small amount. The carpet is cut as the edge of the rising and folding over the top edge to make a smooth transition carpeting. This protects the edge of the tile, as well as maintaining the carpet edge from fraying. It involves placing a strip of carpet to keep in place. This leaves a small hill, so it can be a tripping hazard. This is not a good solution for a door.

Tile Grinder
If your pawn is particularly thick, you can grind the edge at an angle of transition. This allows the carpet directly overlap and be glued directly to the tile. This provides a smooth transition and maintain the edge of the tile up. Generally, the tile under the carpet is diluted buffered by the overlay. Over time, the part beneath the carpet can tear or separate. This transition works best for low traffic areas.

Hard wood flooring

When it comes to talking about wood flooring parquet and parquet flooring types are many, from the massive joints with and without the plywood underlayment, dall’intarsiato all’intarsiato prefinished in place to finish. Just as many of the characteristics that distinguish the various types, the type of wood used to finish, the type of treatment used on the surface of the format and size, the hardness of the durability.

Sometimes they are real masterpieces, because the flooring is like a mosaic, where depending on the type of flooring required parts can be large or small. If it is processed mosaics, which generally require some type of furniture, large pieces can also be an inch, but if it comes to boards then they can be as high as fifteen centimeters depending on the type of flooring choice.

Regardless of personal taste, by searching on the net on the section images of the search engine, you can use keywords like planks parquet flooring solutions for all to see with large pieces. Also to see the more elaborate types of mosaic boards replaced the word with the word mosaics.

In both cases, with a wood floor, you always have the warmth of wood, excellent in areas where the climate is cold, but also suitable in more temperate areas, ideal for both youth and modern furnishings for more sophisticated solutions

New trends in area rugs

One of the modern materials that is now taking the head in the world of decoration to provide a fresh and current treatments are natural fiber flooring, which are used since ancient times in the coating and decoration of walls and soils.

The carpets are manufactured from natural fibers come to provide great strength and versatility features, as these are able to harmonize perfectly in any decor this at home. With the use of the natural elements take center stage inside the home.

These carpets have textures and neutral tones knotty that give an authentic look, providing innovative designs that go with modern tastes. These are highly resistant to dirt, and do not get to collect dust and sand as they have a latex back also gets to facilitate its implementation.

Among the wide range of carpets manufactured from natural fibers come to distinguish the algae that is the smoothest of all. It is very cheap, waterproof, and repels dirt equipped for any area of ​​the home, the coconut has much rougher texture and rough, is very cheap and robust, offers a very rustic and comes in various designs with drawings of gallon blue, red and green, and striped patterns.

Just as the developing distinction is offering a sisal texture blends perfectly with the smooth coconut jute comes in various colors, fabrics and designs. Jute rugs come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, ranging from the most natural and bleached to the intense and cakes.

For installation of the carpet is very important to have a dry basement, uniform and fictionalized. They should not be wet or soapy, guards must be mounted under the legs of chairs and couches that are placed on this and should avoid direct exposure to the sun

Types of carpet

Soil is one of the elements of the house which can not be naked, especially in the colder months. There are different types of soil, and some of them are less warm than others, for that matter, must, on occasion, choose to place a rug that insulates you from the cold that can transmit the ground. If you choose this option, you have many options to choose from. Some are rectangular, square and even circular. As for the material, you can find long and short hair, solid colors and prints. The possibilities you have when choosing a carpet are endless, and with the latest developments in the market will find you will not know which to choose. If you like natural products and handmade, you can find them marked by the return to nature, crafts and natural materials. The long hair are usually the most fit this trend. With these combines the best of tradition with the avant-garde currents. The aim should be to them, usually, is to achieve a warm and comfortable look without forgetting the commitment to simplicity and maximum. How to Choose To decide on a type of carpet or other, first, you should think first about the size of the room where you want to place, decorating it, and if it is a lot or a little busy. In this sense, you should bear in mind that if the room is small, you should choose an appropriate size and in the same tones. If instead, you have a large space, a large rug with geometric patterns or drawings, will bring personality to your furniture. If after much searching, I can not find your perfect rug, you can always choose to take a look at the signature BoConcept. This brand also has released today, the most original carpets in both colors, you can find them in shades of lilac, even in appearance, since his collection includes a floor mat that looks like a colored snow ice. You have no excuse to bare the floor of your home, what are you waiting to buy one?

Fabric care

Intensive cleaning of textile floor coverings

Job of cleaning it, both the superficial and the deep impurities thoroughly penetrated into the building to remove dirt particles and yet gentle.

The cleaning companies uses in the intensive cleaning of textile floor coverings two processes: the shampooing and spray extraction.
When shampooing, with which the surface is cleaned, it depends mainly on the correct choice of machine brushes. By contrast, the dirt spray extraction is obtained from the depth of the flooring.

It is this deep, it is dirt, the leaves gradually turn gray carpet and the mat. In addition to the purely visual disadvantages because the life of the pavement is considerably shortened.
By the double process during spray extraction – the intense spray the cleaner and the suction of the solution in the same operation done an extremely thorough, hygienic and yet very gentle cleaning.


A staircase is an elegant solution to get from one floor to another, made of the footprints, the risers of the balusters and newel posts to. Learn how to fix problems like the creaking stairs.
The elevators are not a realistic proposal for negotiations of the two or three houses of the floor. The Dumbwaiters and laundry chutes used to be common, but only the scale has stood the test of time. Complex can be constructed so they are bound to have maintenance issues.
Residential components of the scale
According to the carpenter who built the ladder and if the software has been used in architectural design, the components of the scale may vary. But, these are some common terms.
Footprints. These are the horizontal components quell’fa a step above. The back goes under the riser and the top edge is rounded, protruding lower riser and is finished with the following  CONJUNCTION. Risers. These are the vertical components. We regulate and support the instruction on the lower edge of the impression than just sniffing around. Balusters. The posts also often named as they are turned on a lathe of wood, these are the posts that support the handrail. They inserted in grooved rails at the top. With the stairs of the closed-Traversal  have entered into a cross grooved at the bottom. Systems with open-Traversal  measurements of the lower part and the impression is closed in with the molding. Newel posts. This is the vertical element to the bottom end of the handrail and is usually larger and more ornate of the balusters. When children are sliding down the handrail in the old movie, this is the thing that stops us. Quickly! And painfully! Reinforcement of the blocks and wedges. These components are installed on the side of the stairs to keep fingerprints and narrow risers. Fix creaking from the tracks below
The moisture changes and wear causes the pieces of wood to move, move and settle over time and the seasons. The result is usually a creaking, but not a dangerous situation. In the best cases, repairs can be made from under the stairs. This area is usually a powder room, bathroom, closet, or where the Harry Potters of the world are designed to sleep.

Check to see if there’s loose wedges between the ends of the risers and fingerprints. Use a mallet to gently tap it back in comfortably. The blocks are not on the edges but in the field, in the center or equally distanced from the center. These can be glued and screwed back to the tracks safely and risers.
Fix creaking from the tracks above
There are times when the bottom of the stairs is not accessible. In this case, the only thing to do is to work for the above. If the leading edge of the impression separate from the lower riser, can be screwed down.
If the problem is at the back of the footprint, the angle brackets can be used to remove the riser and cover tight. This can be unpleasant, though, and can be disguised carpet or molding.

Rosenfeld and Rose Friedman of Shirtwaist Factory fire of the triangle

Replacing the balusters of the staircase
In systems of the closed-cross, these measurement in a side grooved to the bottom and is separated by spacers. Simply remove the spacer behind the bottom baluster to remove and replace the offending. If the spacer was destroyed in the removal process, a new suit.
In the open-beam systems, first remove the molding to the bottom of repression, the footprint. Then remove the spacer of the handrail in front of the auction of the railing and hit the top of the railing rod slightly (can be nailed through the handrail).