Window cleaning

Tips for cleaning windows
There are many window cleaning tips that can be found along several books and websites on the Internet. Getting a streak-free window that glitters is not an easy process because the tools and cleaning products used. A common problem is that paper towels used to clean windows and window cleaning products using basic. The best way to clean a window using a squeegee, but when that option is not a newspaper is the next best thing. As for a good cleaning product, which contain ammonia or vinegar are the best.

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Window cleaning basic advice begins with an analysis of the specific window to be cleaned. The outside should always be done first. No matter if you use a ladder to reach it, a squeegee with an extension, or just get through the open window. The outer surfaces are always dirtier than the inside, so that the first cleaning will be easier to get the spark window and brightness. It’s a good idea to rinse the outside surface with a sprayer attached to a garden hose to get the main dirt particles off, before attempting to use a cleaner and squeegee or newspaper.
Using a spray bottle filled with a cleaner containing ammonia or vinegar is the easiest way to accomplish this task. There are many products on the market that offer pre-soaked towels or cloths to ensure a streak-free finish, but these products are generally not as good as they say. Using a spray bottle to apply the cleaner is the best advice for cleaning windows you can give. Avoid gimmicks and false promises made to. Ammonia and vinegar leave a streak-free shine that can not be obtained through the use of basic cleaning of the window.
Using a squeegee when possible is the best way to get a window entirely clean and not scratched. If one is not available, then use crumpled pieces of newspaper is the best option. A tip for the cleaning of windows you have to understand is that the towels and paper towels leave streaks and particles that fall as wet. Newspaper will leave a streak-free finish that glow in the dullest of sun and are easy to replace when they damp cloth to remove the filter. Simply take a sheet of paper, wadding it up, and continue cleaning

Area rugs make a room

 Carpets and decor
 The carpets not only provide a smooth and comfortable, but also visually soften the soil, and its colors and texture help create a welcoming atmosphere. They are also particularly suited to demarcate certain areas in a larger space or to join several pieces of furniture in a decorative whole.

Another important advantage is its adaptability, since they can be placed anywhere or changed with ease.


To choose the perfect carpet has to take into account the size, style, material and color.

The most common place to lay carpet in the lounge is on the coffee table in front of the sofa. It must be long enough to cover the entire surface of the table and the length of the sofa.


If the room is large, you can place more than a carpet. If you share space with the dining area, you can put a rug under the dining table, encompassing the table and chairs in order to define the space. Carpets should be similar in design or color to give coherence to the living room,

To choose the style of carpet you have to take into account the colors and patterns that are already being used in the room. If the colors are bright with vivid patterns must choose a single color carpet. By contrast, if the walls and fabrics in the room are more subtle tones, you can select a carpet that is an interesting focal point.

If you have a modern living room can be set geometric patterns. The animal print rugs are excellent for most eclectic environments and Persians, to formal and elegant rooms.



The choice of material depends on where you place the carpet, traffic in that area and budget.

Rugs can be made of natural fibers, vegetable or synthetic. Synthetic fibers include nylon and polypropylene and are easy to maintain and less expensive than natural fibers. Cotton, wool, jute and sisal rugs are popular in ecological materials.

Wool rugs offer a greater density, strength and protection from the cold. They need a well maintained to avoid losing their qualities.

Cotton rugs wear more than the wool, but not moth-eaten or cakes. The cotton is tinted to provide a wide range of colors and designs. It offers a nice stride and does not accumulate static electricity.

The natural leather is used mink, fox, hare, merino or cow. The leather makes the rug soft and supple.

The carpet fibers are synthetic acrylic, polypropylene, polyamide, polyester or nylon, among others. Nylon is very common in the carpet because it is very durable and performs well in busy areas. The polypropylene hold moisture better, the polyester has more texture and acrylic fiber is more like wool.

The plant fiber mats used jute, sisal, coconut, bamboo or algae. They are very resistant to stains, cheaper and less durable than those of algae and sisal, which can be used longer. The more rough coconut and jute cheaper.

To choose the ideal color of the carpet should be taken into account the size of the room. In a small room carpet is as good a clearer, to give a sense of spaciousness, and a large room, is as good a carpet of bright color.

We must also take into account the brightness of the room. It is important to see what natural light, as bright quarter can be benefited with a darker carpet. On the other hand, if the room gets little light, a dark carpet is not a good option.

To succeed in the election, it is interesting to ask for samples of the models that most interest, to place in the room and compare colors with different light intensities in relation to furniture and textures there.


In summary, the key elements for the purchase of a carpet are the color and style of furnishings, location, room lighting, the quality of the base, which is what insulates the cold, prolongs the life of the carpet and makes the tread more comfortable, density and texture, durability, size, tint, who has to go through quality checks and audits and the production process, which can be mechanical or manual.

Customer Service

Customer service

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Natural fiber rugs

Natural fiber rugs In recent years, treatments natural fiber flooring are gaining ground, becoming a modern material that provides a fresh and modern, despite having been used for centuries to dress and decorate floors and walls. Aesthetically, they are very hardy and versatile carpets as they adapt to all styles of decoration and also provide great personality to the spaces where used. His return is due mainly to the need to create spaces where natural elements are the protagonists in the home, allowing us to be in contact with them, as this type of carpet from renewable sources and are affordable. They have an authentic look with its neutral tones and textures knotty, offering discrete designs in keeping with modern tastes, where the colors are no longer limited to basic duller, but have incorporated bright colors and deep to enhance their original forms image. Natural fiber rugs are not as flexible as the carpet feet, even that the latter is compensated by placing a base layer. Most impractical in wet areas and are usually very resistant to dirt. They also have a lower surface of latex which prevents the accumulation of sand and dust, while facilitating its implementation. Each type of natural fiber has certain aesthetic and practical attributes that distinguish each other. – Algae: Among all natural fibers is smoother, making it very comfortable to step on it. This is a sturdy, cheap, anti-static, waterproof and dirt repellent. It can be tinted, but you can highlight your natural color by adding color strings in the process. Can be used in any area of ​​the home, including bathrooms and kitchens, where he was not subjected to excessive moisture. If placed on stairs should be done with the thread parallel to the step to prevent slipping. – Coco: rough, rough texture, traditionally used to make mats and bags, and is not recommended for use on steps as may be hooked heels, and not in bedrooms where needed materials pleasant to touch. It s cheap and strong but stains easily. From rustic look, you can find modern designs patterned stripes or stripes on red, blue and green. – Sisal: natural fiber is popular for its versatility and decorative potential and achieved spectacular results with it, even though you started using it, simply for making rope and hemp. Its texture is an attractive mix of coconut and jute softness, so that is resistant to heavy use and tolerate the bare foot. It can be dyed easily, so it offers little resistance to staining and can be found in a wide range of colors, designs and fabrics. – Jute: Presents the soft enough to be cozy in a bedroom, but not adequately supports the transfer constant. It also requires a protective treatment against stains and cleaning that can be difficult and sometimes impossible. It is somewhat cheaper than the best sisal, but is much less durable. It is found in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, from natural and bleached to pastel and intense. – Junco medieval or mat: This material creates strong and very versatile soils. From rustic, but perfectly suited to contemporary designs. It is at the forefront of natural fibers, as far as price is concerned, and should not be used on stairs, as it is too smooth and slippery. To maintain their properties should be regularly splashed with water. The mats are made with woven rattan strips by hand, each of 9 cm. wide and sewn to create a carpet of desired size. As for installation must take into account that require a basement dry, level and uniform, properly prepared. A base coat will serve to correct minor imperfections and provide flexibility and wear resistance. Before being laid, natural fiber carpets must remain forty-eight hours in the area where they are to be used to tailor the fibers to the moisture in the atmosphere. Should you wish to place on the wall, you should leave it to professionals. As a final note, for maintenance, you should put protective lower legs of chairs and sofas, avoid direct sun exposure, frequent vacuuming and wet them with water or soapy. There are many varieties, ideal for distribution in different areas of the house where we want to achieve or bucolic rustic atmosphere with a traditional or newer, it will depend on our decor and the options are.