Steam cleaning or low moisture, which is better?…..Part 2

As you may remember in part one of this blog post I told of a customer who was asking about the differences between steam cleaning and Chem Dry (low moisture cleaning) The following lists the pro’s and cons of each.

The pro’s and cons of low moisture cleaning are: Pros – The carpet tends to dry in about half the time or sometimes even faster, typical dry times range from 30 minutes to two hours. Some stains are prone to reappearing if left wet too long and low moisture cleaning can sometimes be an answer to this particular problem. Cons are that low moisture cleaning tends to only clean the top of the carpet leaving soils behind that are deep down in the carpet. Low moisture also has a harder time on heavily stained and soiled carpet. With low moisture there is also no rinsing involved so any chemicals used in the cleaning process are left in the carpet

The pro’s and cons of steam cleaning are: Pros – Steam cleaning will clean deep down into your removing the dirt and grit from the carpet along with the cleaning solutions leaving your carpet clean and chemical free. Steam cleaning does a much better job when dealing with pet stains and odors. Drink spills, oils, greasy traffic lanes all tend to come out better with steam cleaning. Cons are that the carpet will take longer to dry. Most typically dry times are between 3 to 6 hours but there are some circumstances where carpets may take longer to dry. Dry times will vary anywhere from 3 hours on up to as long as 24 hours depending a lot on the type of carpet cleaned, how heavily soiled the carpet is, outdoor weather and humidity, and indoor conditions such as humidity levels and airflow.

So which way do I recommend as your Pahrump Carpet Cleaners? It really can vary house to house. There are some circumstances that low moisture cleaning is appropriate but more times than not steam cleaning is recommended. We generally recommend steam cleaning over low moisture cleaning but at Todd’s Cleaning Service where you find the best Carpet Cleaning Pahrump has, the ultimate choice is yours.

Steam cleaning or low moisture, which is better?…..Part 1

I am often asked what the difference is between Chem Dry (Low Moisture) and steam cleaning. Most carpet cleaning companies out there either offer one or the other and have strong opinions that their way is the only way to properly clean carpet. As your Pahrump Carpet Cleaner we actually offer both methods of cleaning and we will use which ever method you prefer.

I had a conversation about this the other day with a customer who had always had their carpets cleaned using low moisture. I had been referred to the customer by one of their friends and when I went over to give an estimate she voiced her concerns about having her carpets steam cleaned. She had heard all the horror stories of carpet being wet for days causing mold and mildew and so on, no doubt told to her by her prior cleaning company. I told her that my company offers both methods of cleaning and I would be more than happy to clean her carpet using either method. This seemed to put the customer at ease and she made the comment that she had expected me to start telling her how bad low moisture cleaning was since I primarily do steam cleaning. As we discussed the differences her fears were put to rest as I explained that in fact her carpet would not be wet for days no matter which method I used and in fact using either method her carpet would be dry by that evening  She went on to ask several questions about the pros and cons of each. which I will share in Part 2 of this post tomorrow.

Preparing for having your carpet cleaned

It’s that time again, time to have your carpet cleaned. You have called and set up the appointment, what do you need to do to be prepared? Hopefully your Pahrump carpet cleaning company has already communicated with you what all needs to be done. One thing you may want to ask while setting up the appointment are does your carpet cleaner move the furniture or not? While furniture moving policies will vary from company to company most carpet cleaners will not mind moving your furniture and cleaning underneath it if asked. Most cleaners will move sofas, tables and chairs and replace them on protective foam blocks or tabs. One thing you should do to prepare for this is clear off the tops of any coffee tables, end tables, night stands, or any other items you may want to have moved. Also have any nick knacks and anything breakable out of the way before your cleaner arrives. Items such as desks, bookcases, china cabinets, entertainment centers, beds, and dressers are usually left in place and your cleaner is able to work around these items.

Another thing to ask is if your carpet cleaner pre-vacuums before cleaning the carpet. A study done by Proctor and Gamble has shown that 78% of soils in the average carpet can be removed by vacuuming. A professional cleaner should provide this service, but if not you will want to vacuum prior to the carpet cleaners arrival.

Last thing you will want to do is have your pets in a secure location where you can keep them off the carpet while it is being cleaned and also prevent them from getting out the front door while your cleaner is working.


Carpet cleaning at its best

Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping a home clean. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can be a big chore. The Internet is a great place to look for a carpet cleaning Holiday Fl company. Quality carpet and tile cleaning is a must to keep any home smelling fresh and looking clean, never let a dirty home be a reason for embarrassment, hire a professional carpet cleaning company and let them do all the work for you. Tile and grout can be cleaned to the point of looking like the day it was installed and carpet can be cleaned to show room quality.

Carpet cleaning all over Tampa Bay

Carpet Doctor now serves all of Tampa bay cleaning carpet and tile to perfection. when you need a good carpet cleaning service  look no further. Carpet and tile cleaning has never been so easy, The best carpet cleaning specials are offered by Carpet Doctor, deep restoration cleaning is always included in all of our carpet cleaning specials.

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Handmade rugs

The art of making handmade rugs, is an ancient tradition originally born of necessity.
 Now in these times, we have machines we are given an endless number of rugs that are available in all sizes, shapes and patterns.
 But despite technological advances, some people resort to buying certain people dedicated to hand-made carpets, either by buentrabajo, a brilliant and unique style with these unique arts.
 These handmade rugs are still produced today as a traditional culture in many countries, including the Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, Peru, Mexico, Philippines and many countries …
 Often when traveling to these destinations can be purchased rugs as a cherished memory.

 The Business of Handcrafted Carpets
 Possess some basic knowledge of this business will help you maintain a professional image at all times.
 You can work from home creating handmade carpets, if you keep your costs and expenses to a minimum.

Fine rugs

Oriental carpets are priceless works of art that offer beauty and comfort to many homes and even businesses. Unfortunately, even the best Oriental carpets accumulate dirt and other contaminants, as well as people suffering from wear for walking. While vacuuming your rug antique oriental area can help reduce the amount of dust and other allergens in the antique carpet, ultimately, antique rug cleaning professional is required to make the antique rug last and retain its original beauty. However, you can not trust just anyone with your priceless oriental antique carpet area is necessary to take an antique rug expert eastern cleaning companies to do the job If you live in New York and Tri-State area, there is only one choice, if you want a true expert in oriental rugs cleaning area company: .. Method carpet cleaning.

Oriental Rug Care NY since 1971 has established itself as the best company in the eastern antique carpet cleaning expert in the area. Our expert team of the Eastern antique carpet cleaning takes pride in his work, cleaning carpets by hand to protect both their beauty and their value. Oriental area rug cleaning expert technicians at Eastern Rug Care NY understand that harsh chemicals or improper cleaning techniques can damage carpets, resulting in washed out colors, fiber damage, fraying, and more. Because our expert professionals of the oriental antique carpet cleaning are highly trained and qualified to clean any carpets or rugs brought before them, you’ll never have to worry about. The antique rug will always get back to you cleaner and more beautiful than it was before. Our oriental area rug cleaning expert team can handle everything.

Because every antique rug that is brought before us is a unique masterpiece, our expert on oriental area rug cleaning professionals carefully to ensure that the best cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions are used for the particular antique rug clean up. When our expert team oriental antique rug cleaning area first looks at your antique rug, we carefully monitor and analyze every aspect of it, from the nodes and the pole for the weft and weave. Let’s examine the types of dirt, contaminants, and the spots that are present in the antique carpet. After careful examination and documentation of the conditions of the antique rug, our expert team of the Eastern antique carpet cleaning goes to work to make sure that your antique carpet is cleaner and more beautiful than ever.

After almost forty years of the eastern area rug cleaning experts in our community, we have become true masters of the art of antique carpet cleaning. Our professionals have to undergo extensive training for eighteen months before being considered full members of our expert oriental area rug cleaning team. Our extensive knowledge and expertise is transmitted to each new member of our expert oriental area rug cleaning team, so you can rest easy knowing that your carpet is old in the best possible hands. Our oriental area rug cleaning expert professionals to collect and deliver the old carpet for free, so you do not have to worry about anything. Look no further than the ancient oriental area rug cleaning oriental rug expert team of Care NY for all your antique rug needs cleaning.

They specialize in antique carpet cleaning services such as Eastern Persian, Pakistani, Afghan, Chinese, Indian, antiques, silk and handmade. Ensure that your old carpet will be treated individually with special attention, care and cleaning. They offer state-of-the-art facility for cleaning and to determine the best cleaning technique and method that suits your particular antique carpet fabric, fibers and dyes. They provide complete satisfaction to you with the best results

A clean carpet

 A few other cleaners leave this step, cause if they are not pre-vacuum, or they use their truck to do it they immediately begin to clog their machines filtere. Because their filter is clogged with more and more every spec they pick their big powerful truck is losing more and more suction.Lose more suction lose less of the water-soluble contaminants in your carpet, which was dissolved by water and chemicals they may be used verwijderd.Wanneer removing them less of these pollutants You not only let the first floor filler, but it leaves a residue that attracts more dirt to the area, so the recoil is much faster and last but not least the dry periods have increased by less suction.
  As a carpet owner, when we talk about carpet cleaning industry, it is very important to them, how a regular assignment of broad carpet cleaning services tampa.De Burns Clean Team is one of the famous carpet cleaning industries serving in Maricopa area for more than 40 jaar.De Burns Clean Team is focused on meeting the carpet manufacturer for carpet maintenance supplies or vans.He is IICRC Certified Master cleaning company with many years experience in cleaning and road to testen.De Burns Clean Team offers quality cleaning services with a broad guarantee all tijd.Deze services mainly include carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, anti-allergen cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and air duct cleaning methods are generally based on the following criteria:
  As you can see something seemingly as simple as dry vacuuming is very important and can not be overgeslagen.We use Dyson vacuums only because time and time again over the past four years they have carried out the vacuum cleaner I have the opportunity to clean up after me realize had.Ik vacuuming the way we all of the edges and corners to do anywhere from 20-45 minutes, but it is only one of the things we do to you the most thorough cleaning on the planet.
  You can jump on line to find the best carpet cleaner or expert advice is offline. There are many cleaning venders. Many people who offer superior carpet, rug area, and upholstery cleaning, tile and wood floor cleaning , as well as water damage repair, both commercially and domestic.
  With this you can also hire a guide consumers need in getting free services to find the information.Je get much help from the guide as what all the dirt problems caused to your expensive carpet, tiles or guides about how to prevent mistakes while carpet cleaning carpet cleaners who know little will make the situation more worse for you and your do not get attracted by the low cost cleaning, so you should not do it twice and the list of the questions you need to get a good carpet cleaning company .

Carpet Care

Carpets are much more than mere decoration – they are investments. A beautiful Oriental or Persian rug expensive is among some of the more expensive types of carpets and valuable people use in their home. It ‘important to take as many precautions as possible to ensure that these carpets last for years, as they can, in all reality, they become assets for a family and be passed down for generations.

There seems to be a myriad of carpet cleaning tips – some are true and others are false. Separate fact from fiction among the most common questions carpet cleaning will help yield the answer. For example, many people believe that rubbing a stain on a carpet to help it out faster, or prevent it from being grounded in the fabric. This is not true, the answer to this common carpet cleaning question is never, never scrub a stain no matter how bad the need may arise. Only spots stain.

When blotting stains the trick is to always start cleaning carpet stains as soon as it occurs. Take paper towels and apply pressure to the stain as much as possible.

Another common carpet cleaning question / myth is that using soap to clean carpets is safe for the same carpet. This is untrue. Never use soaps, detergents, especially not flat. The reason is because the soap requires a massive amount of water to wash off the carpet. If an individual the required amount of water used to wash off the soap from the carpet, then the carpet was soaked completely through. In addition, because most people are not able to completely abolish the soap from carpet after using a soap solution to clean stains, soap dries out and act as a collector of dirt – that shaved several years off life a carpet. The answer to this enigma of carpet cleaning is to use only water or club soda to pull stains out of carpet.

As for the soda club is concerned – that really works. This has been labeled by some as a myth, or an “old wife tale” and many owners are not sure if the carpet is actually a plausible solution to stains. However, using club soda to remove stains is actually a tried and true method that works for many types of carpet stains.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous notions about cleaning the carpet is that if it is a rug or carpet cleaner, then it is absolutely safe to use. The answer to this common carpet cleaning question is a big NO. Any rug or carpet cleaning machine is not safe for the carpet of a home. Only buy or rent carpet cleaners that are approved by Rug & Carpet Institute’s green seal of approval on the back. Always avoid food store carpet cleaners. The only safe carpet / carpet cleaners are “Oxy” -. Cleaners such as steam cleaners

Last but not least, the hot water is not suitable for use on carpets. People may think that the warmer the water, cleaning the stain. But this can actually cause a number of problems for most of the carpets. Use only lukewarm water when slightly absorbing stains.

Obviously, every type of carpet is different. There are oriental rugs, Persian rugs, braided rugs, shag rugs and carpet hearth. Be sure to try the style and fabric and the brand of carpet must be cleaned before risking the spread of the stain, the color fade or bleach-sensitive dyes into the carpet

Carpet cleaning

The carpet cleaning is one way to remove dirt, debris and allergens from homes. Vacuuming and carpet steam cleaning helps maintain a healthy environment.

The conservation of domestic carpet clean is important to maintain a healthy environment. The allergen particles and dirt from carpets can enter the air quality of air that causes difficult, that can aggravate asthma, allergies and other breathing problems. The home of the carpet cleaning removes dirt, debris and allergens from the carpet fibers. Generally, the void covers on a regular basis, like once or twice a week, but the heavy traffic areas may need to vacuuming more often. If the carpet is very soiled, steam cleaning can be necessary.

Carpet vacuum

Before vacuuming carpets, make sure to remove all the clutter from carpets. CIA ² is particularly important in children’s bedrooms where small toys or parts of toys can dislodge carpet. Some small items such as paper clips, rubber bands and marbles can damage the vacuum.

Removing the loose dirt or soil that remains on the surface of the carpet prevents deep into carpet or included by foot traffic.

In vacuuming, use a slow, reflecting the forward movement that pushes the vacuum cleaner a few feet at a time, then reverse the direction. The vacuum cleaner will work more efficiently to remove dirt and allergens.

While vacuuming, if a spot is found, it is important groped Spotting the most quickly as possible. Usually, most long carpet stain remains, is more difficult to remove. If the liquid from the stain soaks into the carpet padding, mold can develop that can contribute to air quality difficult.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The carpet steam cleaning is a way to deeply clean the carpet very dirty. Steam cleaning involves high temperature and pressure to clean the carpet. The purchase or rent a steam cleaner, sometimes referred to as wet-clean machine, a hardware store or grocery store, it will be necessary for the do-it-yourselfer. The professional carpet cleaning companies are available for people who want to deeply clean the carpet, but do not have the time for a project of carpet cleaning.

Spring Cleaning the carpet

Remove all the furniture before you begin the process of steam cleaning, so the entire carpet is available for cleaning.

Vacuuming the carpet before steam cleaning is important to remove all loose dirt and debris.

Pre-treat any stains on the carpet before you begin the process by steaming. Read the directions for the operation of the carpet steam cleaned and the carpet.

Allow at least 24 hours to dry before ¨ carpet to walk on it. If possible, open windows to allow air to circulate and help with the drying process, or turn on a fan to circulate air for drying more quickly.

Vacuuming and steam cleaning removes dirt, debris and allergens from the carpet fibers. © Since the carpet steam cleaning is the most time consuming vacuuming the carpet, many people choose to employ professional carpet cleaning company to steam clean. Keeping your home clean carpet vacuuming and regular cleaning of steam if needed will help maintain a healthy environment.